Certificates and Specifications

The criteria for high quality olive oil are based on the ecological olive oil production criteria. Applying specific practices for olive oil production, through environmental management systems, combined with correct post-harvest handling, ensures a high quality product.

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Emelko has a vast knowledge of the olive oil export procedures, as we follow all the international packaging standards and specifications, enabling us to follow through on high demands and deliveries.

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Our Products

Our Olive Oil product lines consist of high quality products and packaging. The olives, and the olive oil which is extracted, are purely Greek and specifically from the island of Crete.

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Emelko currently exports to over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and America
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Cretan olive oil is known worldwide for its health benefits and for being an important factor in the Mediterranean diet. It is a very natural product that comes from the simple crushing of the olive, without extracts and additives. Cultivated with care we pay great respect towards the product, environment and customer using eco friendly packaging. Cretan Olive Oil is recognized worldwide for its high quality olive oil in which 80-90% of the oil produced is extra virgin.

The climate of Crete with its ample sunshine, mild temperatures, low humidity and the absence of frosts, are all excellent factors in contributing to the high quality of olive oil along with the cultivar Koroneiki attributes of bitter, spicy and fruity flavors. The fact that the soil is rich in potassium and phosphorus is also another main factor involved in the production of high quality olive oil.
We should not forget to mention that the use of traditional techniques of cultivation and harvesting of the fruit play an important role, as well as the considerable effort undertaken in recent years to implement high quality and safety measures for all those involved in the production chain of olive oil.

At Emelko, we have managed to implement completely natural methods to produce large quantities of extra virgin olive oil of low acidity and the many awards we have achieved are a testament of this success.

Latest News

EMELKO and Shanghai ChaoShang Food

The Cretan olive oil production company “EMELKO” is the only company in the industry of which was part of the multinational event for signing a trade agreements between Greek and Chinese companies.
Specifically, “EMELKO” signed a long-term cooperation contract worth 14 million dollars to the known Chinese trading company Sanghai Chao Shang Food, which deals in the supply of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in consumer packages.

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