Certificates and Specifications

It is widely known that, there are very large differences in extra virgin olive oil with regards to its health components. These differences, however, are not only due to genetic criteria, but also due to the production process of olive oil.

The quality of the oil is significantly influenced by a multitude of factors that can affect it even during the growth stage of the fruit its contact with parasites, micro organisms, moisture, oxygen, intense light, temperature. This is all determined by measuring certain physicochemical parameters such as acidity the peroxide value and ultraviolet absorption (K270 / K232 / FR). For the virgin quality the criteria includes a sensory evaluation.

The criteria for high quality olive oil are based on the ecological olive oil production criteria. Applying specific practices for olive oil production, through environmental management systems, combined with correct post-harvest handling, ensures a high quality product.

The following key points to note in order to market standard olive oil.

  • Olive oil Categories
  • Olive oil Features
  • Quality criteria of extra virgin olive oil
  • Sensory examination of virgin olive oil
  • Labelling of extra virgin olive oil
  • Nutritional labelling of virgin olive oil

All our product shipments are accompanied by a corresponding analysis.
The laboratory MULTICHROM LAB, which is recognized by the International Olive Council, handles our analysis.