Dialekto – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The superior quality of EMELKO Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be packaged with a private label, based on your specifications and business requirements.
We ensure a final product properly prepared in accordance with International packaging standards, standardization and labelling.

Note: EMELKO is able to offer high quality PET bottles as an alternative to bottling packaging. The PET bottle is green, and thus protects the oil from the sun and other natural elements.

Create your own competitive product, utilizing top quality of EMELKO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the advantages that our company offers.

Private Label

Available packages for use of a Private Label

– Tin can (250ml/500ml/750ml/1lt/3lt/5lt)
– PET bottle (500ml/2lt/3lt/5lt)
– Dorica: round glass bottle (250ml/500ml/750ml)
– Marasca: square glass bottle (250ml/500ml/750ml/1lt)
– Green PET bottle (500ml/1lt)

Private Labels (examples)